Want to join the club?Here’s How to Start Your Toastmaster Journey

  • Step 1: Take all roles

    Take each of the roles of Ah-Counter, Timer, and Grammarian at least once. (to register for the roles talk to the VP Education)

  • Step 2: Break the Ice

    Give ice breaking speech, help us get to know you better, make the first step on your public speaking path. (sign up with the VPE Education. Do it earlier as there’s usually a long queue)

  • Step 3: Pay the Fees

    Contact our Treasurer and pay the required membership fee.

  • Step 4: Get Inducted

    Once you take the first 3 steps, all the current members will take a vote on accepting you to the club. If the vote is positive, you will be inducted to the club.

Club Fees and Dues