Structure of Meetings

About Toastmasters Meetings

 There are three parts to every meeting.


Prepared speeches from 3-7 minutes in length.  Don’t worry.  You have to volunteer ahead of time to give a speech and we will give you instructions on how to prepare for each type fo speech.


Impromptu speeches from 1-2 minutes in length.   Don’t worry.  If you are a first-time guest, you have the option to opt out.  Regular attenders are fair game to be called upon.   People have no time to prepare for what Toastmasters calls Table Topics as you respond to a question or quote that relates to the theme of the day.


Evaluation is the final part and this is where the prepared speakers each receive an evaluation from a fellow Toastmaster.  Don’t worry.  The Toastmaster philosophy is to focus on the positive aspects of a speech.


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