Members Business Meeting

How To Be A Great Toastmaster! Almaty Toastmasters Club – Business Meeting for Members

Business Meeting Agenda on April 6, 2016 (click on the image for an enlarged picture)

On April 6, 2016 – our Leadership Team hosted a Business Meeting for the official members of Almaty Toastmasters Club!

The members of Leadership Team (their term ending on July 1, 2016) made presentations about Almaty Toastmasters Club that included the information on how  to be a great and efficient Toastmaster! We covered topics such as the brand of Toastmasters, our values, what are the benefits of membership, what each project  and role means and how meetings are set up and ran in Almaty, what our Toastmasters Club strategy is and more importantly, our Leadership team shared some  tips and advice for its members.

Here is an agenda and the video of the meeting below.

We hope this was a helpful event for you, our Fellow Toastmasters Club members!