Almaty Toastmasters Club Highlights: January-June 2016


News Digest for January-June 2016

Here is a quick overview of some of the highlights on what’s happening beyond our regular weekly meetings within this past half-a-year at Almaty Toastmasters Club – dedicated to those of you, who don’t want to miss our news!

Xmas 2015-16Christmas dinner on December 30, 2015: our year kicked off with an amazing hosted by our Club’s President, Tom Bartkoske and his lovely wife, Michele at their home here at the foothills of Almaty mountains. Click this link to our YouTube Channel to watch the video made by our regular member and video blogger – Aiym Nurseitova. Thank you, Aiym for this crafty video: Almaty Toastmasters Member New Years Dinner in December 2015

Thank you to our wonderful hosts – Tom and Michele for the warm and cosy atmosphere of your home, delicious meals, fun games, impromptu holiday speeches during this unforgettable evening!


Movie Night on January 4, 2016: over 15 members and guests went on to watch “The Little Prince” in English in the first days of this year. A legendary classic prose, where every line is a deep, beautiful metaphor that provokes and provides food for thought for people of all ages created discussions about favorite movies, books and set forth an establishment of our reading club as a consequence a few days later! Facebook Event: Movie Night “Little Prince” – January 4, 2016

“25 Books” Reading Club established on January 15, 2016: a book club was created among Toastmasters Club members and guests with an idea of reading at least 25 books a year! We are all set. This Club’s opened from the strong initiative, full coordination and our book-reading tracking of Yernur Satybaldiyev, former member of Astana Toastmasters Club, who had officially joined our Club here in April 2016! The reading club also, enjoyed strong support and enthusiasm of Ilyas Batyrov, founding member and Sergeant at Arms of our Club. We appreciate it. Here is a video made by Aiym, again, for a glimpse at one of those meetings: video: “25 Books” Reading Club Meeting on April 2, 2016


Social Event on March 20, 2016: Hiking trip to Butakovka Waterfalls. Hiking enthusiasts at Toastmasters cannot forget that last spring trail to Butakovka waterfall – thanks to Daulet Mukanov, our newly elected Sergeant at Arms – for organizing this picturesque hike!

March 20 - group

Hike 20 -snow

March 20 - snow







April 6, 2016: Business Meeting hosted by the Leadership Team of the Club for its members: training, tips and motivation to be a better public speaker and a great Toastmaster. Follow the link for a video of a Business Meeting for Members on April 6, 2016

Our after-regular-meeting get-togethers every Wednesday are always fun! Come join us for networking, games, good conversations with our Club members – stay up to learn where we are going after the regular meetings end! Here is the video link to one of Aiym’s wonderful vlogs about it:


Some of our Club’s events in photos:

Honored to host Astana Toastmasters Club President - Anuar Zhumabayev!
We were honored to host Astana Toastmasters Club President – Anuar Zhumabayev!
Our members and guests bike-n-drinks ride in May 2016!
Our members and guests bike-n-drinks ride in May 2016!

Stay tuned for our new Member Spotlight Feature posts on this website blog!

Stay tuned for our new Member Spotlight Feature posts on this website’s blog!



Hosting a visitor from Toastmasters Club in New York City - Dilber Shatursun!
Hosting a visitor from Toastmasters Club in New York City – Dilber Shatursun!

May 4, 2016 marked the visit from USA: Dilber Shatursun, Secretary of Flushing Toastmasters in New York and on May 11, 2016 for the first time in its brief history, Almaty Toastmasters Club had the priviledge of a fellow Toastmaster from another club (all the way from America!) deliver a speech during our regular meeting. Dilber Shatursun, New York’s Flushing Toastmasters Club, gave her Competent Communicator Manual’s Prepared Speech Project #9.

Follow the link to view Dilber’s warm and touching speech:




Gallatin Valley Toastmasters Club in Bozeman, Montana, USA says hello to Almaty Toastmasters Club!
Gallatin Valley Toastmasters Club in Bozeman, Montana, USA says hello to Almaty Toastmasters Club!

Meanwhile, this April and May, our President – Tom Bartkoske became the Best Table Topics Speaker at the Toastmasters Clubs he visited in China and USA! We are so proud of you, Tom!






Our Toastmasters participated in Almaty Marathon on April 24, 2016 and made us proud!
Our Toastmasters participated in Almaty Marathon on April 24, 2016 and made us proud!
March 8 2016 celebration
Toastmasters Club Men Congratulated Ladies with International Women’s Day – March 8, 2016. Thank you, Gentlemen!
After-regular meeting outings are held after each Wednesday meeting!






Ladies of Toastmasters Club in Almaty congratulated the Gentlemen with May 7 Day! Here is the video link:
Ladies of Toastmasters Club in Almaty congratulated the Gentlemen with May 7 Day! Here is the video link:

April 27, 2016: our Club held its elections and a new Leadership Team’s term commences on July 1, 2016. Stay tuned to learn who is now on board!

May 15, 2016: some old and new Leadership Team members held a meeting to discuss Club Success Plan. Follow our Facebook and Instagram account updates to learn more! We also, had the privilege of a fellow Leadership Team Toastmaster from New York, NY – Dilber Shatursun join us for feedback and advice! Lots of ideas were flowing and decisions made. Stay tuned for the announcement of our new Leadership Team and of novelties we jointly came up with! Here is a photo from this meeting on our Instagram page:

As you can see, our Club had a busy few months (this is only a few of the highlights!) and it looks like there are more exciting surprises ahead. Here are some ways you can learn our news and receive updates:

Meeting Review Blogs: follow our blog posts on this website for an overview of the meetings – created for you by our lovely – Aisha Maukembayeva and Gaukhar Zhunussova, PR Committee’s very own bloggers and new Leadership Team members! Also, we have launched Member Spotlight Series to feature our members and why they love Toastmasters!

Almaty Toastmasters Club on Instagram since April 2016: we are excited to have this new photo & video social media outlet for our news and updates! Follow our Instagram account: @Almaty.Toastmasters and here is the link to our life in photos! hashtag us along to spread the word out #AlmatyToastmasters

Our Facebook page contains regular updates and news of our Club or if you want to be friends with us there, here is our account to add us on

Stay tuned for more news and a schedule of social events! Also, shhhh….don’t tell anyone but we are working on developing news digests into a full-scale newsletter. Please send us your comments, feedback and suggestions – we always welcome ideas and contributions from guests and enthusiasts of Toastmasters! Feel free to e-mail them to us at

Our Regular Meetings are held every Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 PM at Turan University, room #207 at the following address: 16a-18 Satpaev St. Look forward to seeing you there as you embark on your Toastmasters journey with us!

How To Be A Great Toastmaster! Almaty Toastmasters Club – Business Meeting for Members

Business Meeting Agenda on April 6, 2016 (click on the image for an enlarged picture)

On April 6, 2016 – our Leadership Team hosted a Business Meeting for the official members of Almaty Toastmasters Club!

The members of Leadership Team (their term ending on July 1, 2016) made presentations about Almaty Toastmasters Club that included the information on how  to be a great and efficient Toastmaster! We covered topics such as the brand of Toastmasters, our values, what are the benefits of membership, what each project  and role means and how meetings are set up and ran in Almaty, what our Toastmasters Club strategy is and more importantly, our Leadership team shared some  tips and advice for its members.

Here is an agenda and the video of the meeting below.

We hope this was a helpful event for you, our Fellow Toastmasters Club members!


Bike-n-beer on Sunday, May 8, 2016 with Toastmasters Club in Almaty & meet a Toastmaster from New York

bicycle-beer-holder Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Friends! ‘Tis the season for bike-n-beer!!

If you are interested in biking up Terrenkur with us, we are meeting at “Extreme” bike rent shop at Satpaev St, corner Nauryzbay batyr St. “Biking”  contact: Zhadra +7 707 675 0099.

Then, come join us at 4 PM for drinks you like (coffee, tea etc – it ain’t restricted to just beer!) to socialize and chat with our special guest – Dilber from  Toastmasters Club in New York! We’re very excited to have this opportunity to share our experience with a U.S. Toastmaster.

Please contact Aliya at +7 777 223 7641 for any questions about this event, overall. We look forward to seeing you and your friends for sports & drinks &  lots of Toastmasters Club chatting as well as learning how things are done Toastmasters Club in New York!

Kudos Almaty Toastmasters Leadership Team: 2013-2016

This amazing, friendly and deeply committed Leadership team was also, the founding team of the Club. It had done an incredible amount of work for the past 5 years to make Almaty Toastmaster Club happen and later, keeping it together, developing it and then, officially registering the Club in US in December 2013. The Almaty community needs to know who they are.

Let’s give our kudos and help show your appreciation to all of them:

Tom Bartkoske – President
Begzod Hakimov – VP Education
Aliya Shaikhina, VP Public Relations
Olga Kim – VP Membership
Greg Heaver – Treasurer
Yadykar Abdirakhmanova – Secretary
Ilyas Batyrov – Sergeant of Arms
Daulet Mukanov – founding member and the unofficial Social Events Coordinator

Left to right  (back row): Daulet Mukanov; Ilyas Batyrov, Greg Heaver, Tom Bartkoske, Begzod Hakimov         (first row): Aliya Shaikhina, Olga Kim, Yadykar Abdirakhmanova
Left to right (back row): Daulet Mukanov; Ilyas Batyrov, Greg Heaver, Tom Bartkoske, Begzod Hakimov                (first row): Aliya Shaikhina, Olga Kim, Yadykar Abdirakhmanova

Thank you for all your hard work! You showed us what true commitment and teamwork truly means.

On May 1, 2016 our Club voted in a new Leadership Team. Stay tuned to find out who is on board: who stayed, who’s new and who will choose to focus on their speech and leadership projects, instead, from now on!

In the meantime, here is a traditional “fun” photo pose. Everyone is welcome to comment below about your Toastmasters’ experiences you shared with them, they will appreciate it :)

Traditional "fun" pose. it was a pleasure working with you, fellow Toastmasters and friends! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all.
Our traditional “fun” pose! It was a pleasure working with you, Fellow Toastmasters and Friends! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all.









Almaty Toastmasters Spotlight Series: Daulet Mukanov

Almaty Toastmasters Club – Member Spotlight Series will be featuring all the current members of the Club. Stay tuned to learn more about our fellow Toastmasters, why joined the Club, what they like about it and what is their life like outside of the Club activities!

Today’s “spotlight” features Daulet Mukanov, the founding member and recently appointed Sergeant of Arms of Toastmasters Club in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which was established in December 2013. We are delighted to present this interview.

1.      What is your happiest childhood memory?

When I first went abroad to Saint Petersburg, Russia at the age of 10

2.      When did you join Toastmasters? What made you join?

I joined in 2013. I wanted to maintain and improve my English level, presentation skills and meeting new people

3.      Life outside Toastmasters or what do you do for a living?

I am an engineer geologist

4.      How do you use communication skills in your daily life?

It helps my interpersonal skills and being able to present in front of the public

5.      What do you like best about our Club?

Friendly atmosphere,  structure and decent English

6.      What have you learnt since you joined? Do you feel that you had grown as a communicator or a leader since you joined Toastmasters?

I think that it has definitely helped to my personal growth as a communicator. Even though there is still a room to improvement

7.      What are your personal hobbies and interests?

I like going to the gym, reading books in various fields and mountain hiking.

8.      Can you share random or surprising facts from you biography?

I have 25% of tatar blood in me. When I was a kid I liked watching soap operas

9.      If you could have a lunch with anyone, who would that person be and why?

I think meeting with Kanysh Satpayev would be a good idea for me

10.  What is the most important thing you would tell your friends and family about Toastmasters?

If you will be diligent enough Toastmasters will surely help you to grow up as a person

Daulet is the current Sergeant of Arms at Almaty Toastmasters Club. He has been a very active member of the Club, helping previous Leadership team from the time of the Club foundation. He was organizing many hiking trips for Toastmasters community in Almaty, and our official members, guests and friends have all appreciated his excellent hiking route guidance.

Thank you for this interview, Daulet! Your teammates and Club members appreciate your calm personality and commitment to our Club and we rely on you for more hiking trips in the future. Good luck with your new Leadership Team role!


We reached a new milestone this week: 500 Facebook Fans!


Dear Friends and Fellow Toastmasters!

This week our Facebook page reached 500 Likes milestone!

Thank you for being with us and your ongoing support of the Club activities.

We enjoy learning and improving ourselves with you to become better communicators, leaders, confident public speakers and teammates!

By improving ourselves, we inspire each other. So this week we celebrate -YOU- and your time with us.

Kudos to everyone of you!

Thank you for being with us and spreading the word about Almaty Toastmasters Club!

How can Toastmasters help your career

Toastmasters club was designed to help people improve their communication and leadership skills…but it is most widely known to develop one’s public speaking skills.  It is an excellent training ground for anyone seeking a career or looking to improve their overall skills. Toastmasters experience can offer you the following advantages:

  1. Presentation Skills – Being an excellent presenter is by far one of the best advantages a person can possess. The training focuses on effective use of voice, eye contact, gestures, timing, handling nerves and using visual aids to add to your presentation. Whether you are in the boardroom looking to justify your position during a company meeting, or in front a room full of people, you need to inspire and persuade the audience to get in to your message. The presentation skills you acquire from toastmasters will give you that edge.
  2. Leaderships Skills – Leadership skills can help position you as the expert in any field. Toastmasters take on challenges, make things happen and get things done. The Toastmasters program has a parallel track to the communication path which will provide specific training applicable to advancing your career, especially if management is a goal of yours.
  3. Credibility – Toastmasters are known for continuous self-improvement. Your association to Toastmasters will be a powerful contributor to your resume. It is an excellent topic when answering the question, “Tell me about yourself” during your next interview.
  4. Confidence – soaring confidence is a tremendous advantage. As a Toastmaster, you are required to step out of your comfort zone every time you tackle a new speech, plan a contest or put yourself up for evaluation. Toastmasters are conditioned to work through fear, which ultimately builds confidence. As your confidence grows, the challenges you take on will become easier.
  5. Organizational Skills – Organizational skills are important in work for follow up, managing your database, preparing proposals and presentations, managing your daily activities, meeting preparation…etc. The skills you receive from your Toastmasters experience will improve your organizational skills. Drafting speeches in a concise, yet logical format that is both informative and entertaining takes excellent organizational skills which can easily be applied to your career.
  6. Sharper Listening Skills –In Toastmasters, members learn techniques for delivering constructive, yet positive evaluations. They are also evaluated regularly. Receiving and giving evaluations help us hone our listening skills and accept constructive feedback more easily. Toastmasters are well equipped to listen reflectively to their clients/colleagues and provide relevant solutions which will give them yet another advantage in their career tool belt.
  7. Networking Opportunities – Toastmasters are a supportive group. They will make an effort to help each other because they all have something in common. In most cities, there are a lot of clubs, so the opportunities are vast. A lot of networking goes on within the Toastmasters clubs, especially during the contests. Fellow toastmasters feel comfortable sharing their knowledge with each other


Welcome New Member – Togzhan ^^

Dear Fellows Toastmasters!


Autumn is a rich with harvest season. And autumn in our club is rich with new members.

I want you to join me welcome our new member Togzhan^^~. So happy to see you as a part of our family and we wish you good luck!

Also it was Thanksgiving day last week, I want all our members as well as visitors to be healthy and in a good mood. Stay inspired and self-development aimed.

I believe great success and amazing future awaits all of us.





Lucky Chance ^x^

Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

It’s not a secret that all of us nervous when we come up to the stage in front of audience while we deliver prepared speech. But it is even worse when comes up impromptu speech.

When I visited Toastmaster club in Almaty for the first time, Table Topic Master called me and I failed my performance so bad. I was confused and embarrassed a lot.

I want to believe that since that day I overcame my stage fear. But that is not true.

The only thing that happened I changed my point of view. Now coming up to the stage is something like a challenge for me, which I’m curious to accept.

I asked about impromptu speech one of the experienced members  of our club Ilyas, what does he usually feel.

He told me that he always worries. It is not usual thing that he presents perfect impromptu speech. But every meeting he says himself: “Iliyas, that is great opportunity!”. And he volunteers to come up to the stage. This thought makes his performance existing and unusual first of all for himself.

That is what I want you to do!

Start to enjoy the every moment on the stage. Realize how lucky you are, you may speak and people are listening. Finally you will enjoy yourself on the stage. Your confidence will increase and message delivery will become smoother.

As a result the audience will enjoy you and your performances.



Evening on the Everest








Dear Fellow Toastmasters!


As all of you know there is wonderful movie in the cinema Everest.

Our club is going to watch it all together.

Those of you who didn’t watch it yet welcome to join us.

It will happened on Saturday in the evening approximately at 5 pm in Essentai mall.

More detailed information will be posted on Saturday morning.

See you :)




Next Almaty Toastmasters Club Meeting

Dear Fellow Toastmasters!

Our June and July sessions at EF office have come to an end along with the beautiful summer months. Thank you to all of you who came!
Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 9, 2015. We will be posting and emailing you the information about the location soon. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, here are some advice and useful tips from Toastmasters International Magazine for you:
Look forward to seeing you all prepared for the Fall season.

Hiking on 04/07/2015

We organized a little hike to the mountains on the 4th of July.   Almaty Toastmasters Club has started a WhatsApp group for those interested in hiking.  Let us know if you want to join the group.   In addition to our regular meetings, we try to have some social events like bowling, hiking, holiday parties, etc.   We started off the hike with enthusiasm.


And stayed enthusiastic as we hiked uphill and through the brush.




The scenery was amazing and nature was beautiful.

5 4 6

We even stopped to smell the flowers.

7 89

But it had a strange effect on the menJ

10 11

We hiked along the ridge with incredible views.

12 13 14 15

The ladies in the group enjoyed one another’s company.

16 17 18

We stopped at a beautiful area to break for lunch.


Can you find all eleven people as we hid among the trees?


We made another attempt at camouflage.


Toms family has a couple of photo traditions whenever we hike this route.

21 22

It was a beautiful day for a hike.

23 24 25


We made it back to road and enjoyed some rest in the shade.


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