Is it your first visit to our club?

Hello dear new comer!

Probably you found our club on the Internet by using search engine or maybe you were called by your friend. It does not matter. We glad to see new people in any case. Here below I will describe some meeting features that would make your vision about our club much clearer and help you to adapt quickly to the new environment.

Where are we located?

Currently (November 2015) our meetings take place at Turan University located along Satbayev street every Wednesday. We strongly recommend  you to check the location on our website before your visit, because it can be changed sometime. Do not worry, it does not happen  so often.


What language is used there?


The main language  in Almaty Toastmasters club is English. All speakers deliver their speeches in English language. So you should also speak English during the meeting.

Usually club meetings start at 7:30 pm and end by 9:00 pm. When you come to the meeting, have a seat, get meeting’s agenda and stickers for  voting.. A Toastmaster opens the meeting and introduces Evaluators, an Ah-counter, a Timer and a Grammarian (volunteers). Then prepared speakers deliver their speeches (20-25 min). Further they are evaluated (around 10-15 min). After that, all participants vote for the best prepared speaker by writing a name on the sticker.

Then, probably the most attractive part of the meeting starts – Table Topics session. Every participant can give a short speech (1-2 min). The session is led by Table Topics Master, who makes presentation for 15-20 minutes and invites participants to the stage to ask questions. Everyone tries to answer the questions with creativity, deep meaning or in a funny way, because the best impromptu speaker is also voted after the session.

Meeting is concluded by presenting the reports of the volunteers and announcing the names of the best prepared and impromptu speakers of the meeting.

That is all. I wish you all the best in our club . Be brave by giving your own speeches and be positive by motivating other people.


Posted on: 29.11.2015, by : Shokan Iliyas