Meeting on 18/11/2015 was another interesting meeting last Wednesday full of good ideas and suggestions on how to make our lives better and happier.

Greg opened the session as a toastmaster. He asked everyone to leave their worries and anxieties behind the door. It was very motivating to hear the phrase: “You do not have to be great to be a toastmaster, but if you become a toastmaster you have a chance to be great”.



DSC01041The first prepared speaker Alena delivered her first ice breaking speech “Inspiration in My Life”. Her number one inspiration is her grandmother who had difficulties in her life. Despite that she had strong personality even when she became almost blind. In order to get inspiration from other sources Alena made a list of things that inspired her.  She completed her speech by encouraging everyone to be inspired and to do extraordinary things. (1)Next speaker Zhanar also conveyed her first ice breaking speech called “When I was Young and Twenty”. She started her speech with the fragment taken from a love poem. Zhanar took the message from the poem that many young people do not follow the advice of older generation as she also did before. She shared about her youth mistakes made because of her hot temper and touchiness. That led to the loss of several friends. So Zhanar learned a lesson that can be quoted as “Choose your battle”. She gave a receipt of avoiding conflicts by giving constructive feedback on people’s opinions. In conclusion, Zhanar said: “Step with care and tact, and remember that life is a great balancing act”. The message that she delivered was personally quite relevant for me. Our energy directing to unnecessary things is the waste of time and resources. Choosing your battle also helps to achieve our goals faster with minimum loss. (2)The following speaker Tom presented everyone his project #8 on using visual aids with the title “What is Wrong with You?”. He showed the popular dress which was widely discussed because of its colour. Those people who considered its colour as blue and black thought that something was wrong with people whose views were different. Then Tom showed the diagram of how people react to somebody’s opinion. That was “seeing/hearing –> telling yourself a story –> feeling –> taking action”. Further he told the story taken from Stephen Covey’s book and showed how that diagram worked. It was funny to watch a short supporting video when a man smashed and flooded one’s car because he thought that its owner was his wife’s lover. After couple of minutes the man released that the car was his lottery prize. Tom encouraged everyone to ask a question: “Why would a reasonable, rational, and decent person do what this person was doing?” before taking any action, which would help you to make proper and right decisions.

I hope you would be inspired by Alena’s speech, choose your battle as Zhanar suggested and try to understand other people’s opinions as Tom recommended.

Meruert, Daulet and Aliya gave appropriate evaluations and recommendations for our prepared speakers to develop their public speaking skills. It is always difficult to evaluate somebody’s speech and to give useful tips especially for experienced speakers. Thank you very much for giving constructive feedback which would definitely help the speakers to grow further! (3)

DSC01048Olya presented the biography of Aung San Suu Kyi who was a opposition politician of Burma. She was a fighter for human rights and justice. Aung San was also a good leader. So Olya asked a question about the main features of a leader in appearance and a character. Tom defined the skills of a leader as follows: ability to direct people, setting the goals and achieving them. He added that a good leader has charisma and has good ability to speak publicly. Also the key thing Tom added was serving others and wanting the best for your teammates. Quite unusual question was about the attitude towards freedom and prison. Danyar gave an example of Nelson Mandela who fought for the rights of Afro-Americans pointing out that sometimes it could bring problems like the increase of crime level. Also Danyar said that in case of Aung San Suu Kyi her fight catalyzed the improvement of human rights. He concluded his speech with the saying that if you do right things they would have right outcome, whereas wrong things would bring wrong results. Meruert replied to the same question that sometimes being in a prison can be unfair, since people could also be there for their opinions to improve the government. Meryert was very active this meeting and become the best table topics speaker, while Tom was recognized as the best prepared speaker. Congratulations to our winners!

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Togzhan, Rapiya and Gaukhar were an Ah-Counter, a Grammarian and a Timer correspondingly. Thank you for fulfilling your roles responsibly and giving us helpful reports.

The atmosphere of the meeting was warm welcoming and friendly. Our club meetings are getting better and better. We got a lot of useful, inspirational and interesting tips from many speakers that would definitely develop our minds comprehensively. Thank you for everyone for devoting their time and putting efforts to run our weekly meeting at a high level!


Thanks to Greg who provided the photos and the video of the meeting.


Posted on: 23.11.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva

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