Meeting on 11/11/2015


We had another wonderful meeting this week full of useful tips, positive energy and smiles!

The meeting was started by the president of our club Tom Barkoske. He used a little ball as a baton to give a turn for club officers to present themselves. It awoke the interest of the audience even more and that added some dynamics to the meeting. Further there was a procedure of accepting a new member of our club Togzhan. You are very welcome, Togzhan! Look forward to hearing your next projects!



It was nice to hear Assem’s first ice-breaking speech “The Reason I am Here”. She started her speech by saying that she was KIMEPian. Her speech allowed us to know more about Assem’s hobbies, inclinations and lifestyle. She did a lot of volunteering work and she was improving herself from different sides by involving into many different projects. Well done, Assem! Keep going! (1)

It was really interesting to hear Aliya’s project #5 called “Point of View”. She said that people’s points of view differ depending on their gender, culture, generation and other factors. Aliya shared a lesson that she learned from John Gray’s presentation, the author of a book “Man Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus”, that we need to value the differences of each other. Also she added Stephen Covey’s advice about improving listening skills and giving a chance to listen to everybody’s point of view. Aliya completed her speech by encouraging us to learn the lessons from those examples she gave on her speech and stay connected to our hearts.

DSC00999Zhadra presented her second project “The Importance of Smiling”. She gave interesting scientific facts about smile and five reasons to smile. It was great to hear the quote of Lance Armsrong that “if you smile to the world, the world will smile back at you”. Zhadra said about the benefits of smiling and how that can make our lives happier.

Togzhan, Gaukhar and Olya gave very constructive and appropriate evaluations to the prepared speakers and suggestions to develop their public speaking skills further.



DSC01014Ilyas continued the session by presenting the biography of Tim Ferris, an American writer, orator and guru of efficiency. Ilyas asked very interesting questions about tips how to be more effective and whether it was possible for everyone to circumvent the rules. Abylay answered to the question what was better to focus on one thing or on different things. His response was the second one as it made his life more interesting. Zhazira replied to the question about what she would do if failure was impossible by sharing about her future plans. This time we had two winners of Table Topics Session: Abylay and Zhansaya. Aliya became the best prepared speaker. Congratulations to our winners!


Thanks to the volunteers Abay, Daniyar and Daulet for being an Ah-Counter, a Grammarian and a Timer correspondingly for their responsible attitude towards their duties. I would like to thank Tom, Begzod and Ilyas for organizing this meeting and running it enthusiastically. Thanks to Greg for taking a video and photos, which assists me to write weekly reports.

The number of our guests and participants has increased significantly. It really helps to know more people from different spheres, which in turn allows us to broaden our outlook and make more friends. I express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to make our network wider, brighter and stronger!


Posted on: 15.11.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva

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