Face Everything and Rejoice

Everybody knows that you need to be brave enough to speak in front of people. Public speaking is considered to be the second fear after death. It is a type of social fear. I recently delivered speech about social fear and how that can be defeated. So this article is mostly taken from my performance. For those who attended that meeting it might be helpful to consolidate main points of the topic in your memory and for those who could not come to discover new things about fear. You can explore how it appears and influences physiologically, how to analyse that and prevent its adverse effects. All of that could make a contribution to become braver and overcome your fear of public speaking.

Have you ever been scared by someone who suddenly bumped into you or by a car moving fast towards you? Quite often in those situations we are shocked, blanch with terror and cannot move at all. Alike to an insect which stops instantly when it feels danger. Similarly we all have been gifted by nature with the instinct of self-preservation in order to be hidden from wild and dangerous animals.

When we have fear two hormones adrenalin and noradrenalin start releasing. They allow us to mobilize ourselves, our blood flows towards our hearts and muscles. Thus, the heartbeat becomes more frequent. Also vessels become narrower, which increases arterial pressure and decreases brain activity. That is why; it is hard to make rational decision when we have fear. This condition helps us to fight or to run away. However, there can be tremble and numbness of limbs when we feel fear, which is explained by energy redundancy. So if a human being does not fight or run away his energy released by fear is directed into the wrong way.

Modern humans usually do not have any hazard from dangerous animals. Apart from having threat from other people our modern fears are more related to social fears (misunderstanding, blame, public speaking and so on). In those cases the aforementioned reactions to fear are quite irrelevant and they cause negative effects. Additionally, there is one factor that chases a person who has fears. I would like to give you an example from my life to explain it clearly. I worked as a volunteer in a shelter house for orphans in Malaysia. Anyone who has ever been there should know that there are a lot of lizards. They can creep into houses as cockroaches into our houses before. Another volunteer was very afraid of them as she was sleeping on chairs in a library with lights on. Nevertheless, lizards pursued her everywhere. By giving you this example I would like to say that the objects of our fear usually chase us and our apprehensions become real. To prevent that we need to get rid of our fears at their beginning stage.

So how to struggle with them?

First of all, we need to reveal the real reason of fear. In case of a lizard, it might be the pain from its bite.

Secondly, to assume the worst outcome and possible consequences that might be. In many cases they are not fatal and there should be some ways out.

Thirdly, to find solutions in order to prevent those consequences and apply them in practice.

I explained you three questions those need to be answered in order to analyse your fear.

If your fear is very strong that you cannot think properly and you have adverse effects like palpitation, tremble or extra sweating you can use the following methods:

  • utilize your extra energy: run until you are tired, breathe deeply for several minutes or do some energetic physical activity.
  • repeat affirmations: “I am brave” ; “The audience is waiting for my speech”; “ I always ready to take a risk” and so on.
  • recall inspirational examples or brave heroes to your mind and think about what they would do on that situation. Further try to fake it until you make it.

If you find it hard take little steps to overcome your fears, which would help you to get used to them. For example, if you are afraid of height, try to look down from the second floor, then after some time from the third floor, etc.

Studying the topic of fear a little bit wider helped me personally to analyze my own fears and to conquer some of them, such as uncertainty and height. When I defeated my fear of height I felt endless happiness, pride and the expansion of my limits.

There are many different ways to rise above of your fears. All of them are based on analysing and practicing to confront them. I presented you how to analyse your fear by asking three questions: what is the real reason of fear, what is the worst thing can happen and how that can be prevented. Three methods to escape adverse effects of fear: utilizing your energy, repeating affirmations and being inspired by brave heroes.

After that I am sure you will be able to conquer your fears. If you know fear stands for Face Everything and Rejoice. I am not an expert on overcoming fears, since I have some of them. Public speaking is still among them but I fight with it every time when I deliver my speech. Courage is not the absence of fear but it is about struggling with it. By doing it once we will become braver and our horizons will certainly become wider!



Posted on: 08.11.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva

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