Meeting on 15/06/2016

Hello, dear fellow Toastmasters and readers! It’s been a while since we have written a blog! If you have been following us and our events, you may know why 😉 We will keep you updated soon! We had another great meeting on June 15. Yernur Satybaldiyev was the Toastmaster that day. Also, we were thrilled to have Samat Panov, the founder of Astana Toastmasters Club! Some time ago the President of ATC paid us a visit, so it is becoming a good tradition! Read to find out more.


Banksy’s ‘Park’ in Downtown Los Angeles

Prepared speeches

We had 3 prepared speakers. Our first speaker was Ernar Kossamanov with his Project no.3 ‘Wind of Change’. Ernar is a relatively new member of our Club but he already is one of the most active ones. How to leave your past behind you and change? Change for the better! Our speaker has some tips what might help you do that. Watch his speech and learn why we should all strive to be Patrick and not Kodak! 😉

Our second speaker of the day was our Competent Communicator, Yadykar Abdirakhmanova with her speech ‘My Teaching Experience at Turan University’. It was very interesting and dear to the audience because this is where we host our Toastmasters meetings as well. We learned more about Yadykar’s teaching path, about different programs University has to offer. Check out the speech here.

And the last but not least was our dear guest, Samat Panov, the founder of Astana Toastmasters Club, a good friend for many of us. Yernur, our Toastmaster of the meeting, was especially thrilled to introduce Samat’s speech. ‘Two Bowls, Which One is Bigger’ is the title of the speech: a story about dreams, about achievement, about how Samat managed to fulfill one of his big dreams. Here’s the video, make sure you check it out.

Table Topics

I was lucky to be a Table Topics Master that day. The session was dedicated to street arts, Banksy, Pasha Cas. Here are some of the questions our impromptu speakers had to answer:

– Street artists want to raise awareness about hot topics: society, politics, ecology. Do you think graffiti can lead to changes?

– Do you think Art is getting worse over time or it’s becoming more creative?

– How would you raise awareness about something important to you?

(social networks posts/public speaking/arts/protests…)

Banky’s work in Brooklyn, NY
Pasha Cas’ piece of street art in Almaty


It was an excellent meeting. Thank you to everyone who took roles and to the audience who made that meeting happen: Evaluators (Gaukhar Axakalova, Greg Heaver), General Evaluator, Zhansaya Edilkhan, Grammarian, Madina Jumagulova, Ah-Counter, Damir Naurozbayev, Timer, Shokan Ilyas. P.S. This made me think that if I ever received an Academy Award, my acceptance speech would be 20 minutes long just listing names 😉

Thanks for reading and we will see you very soon at the meeting and in our blog!

Gaukhar X


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