Meeting on 28/10/2015

AliyaThere was another warm-welcoming session at our Toastmasters club this week. The meeting was started by a Toastmaster Aliya by saying that many leaders arose from Toastmasters. She explained the structure of the whole meeting, a few rules of Toastmasters and responsibilities of the officers and volunteers.

There were three ice breaking speeches with different directions and themes.

TimurTimur started his speech called “Road to the Big Show” with the compliment
addressed to the audience for choosing Toastmasters that day. It was nice to hear his sincere confession about what he felt on the stage. He told everyone about his dream to become a great orator of all the time. Timur concluded his speech with the invitation to his motivational program that he was going to present in the not too distant future. Look forward to hearing it, Timur!

AsselNext speaker Assel Abilzhanova started her speech “Enjoy the present” with her personal story about her willingness to be on her prom ceremony very soon when she was only 7-8 years old. While her mother explained Assel that every age and time was beautiful and she should enjoy the moment. Assel said about all of her family members and compared them with her wings. She concluded her speech with Dan Brown’s quote: “Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer”. Assel encouraged everyone not to waste their time and to enjoy the present!


The third speaker Togzhan delivered her project titled “Not just an elective subject”. Her elective subject was Sociology. She explained that Sociology could help us to understand ourselves, our places in the world and the world in general. As an example for that she said about Berger’s analogy that everything was planned. Togzhan showed everyone how interesting the Sociology could be.

The evaluators of prepared speeches Olya, Yadykar and Assel Duisenbekova emphasized the speakers’ strong points they had already had and gave suggestions and tips to improve their public speaking skills.

RuslanThe meeting was continued by Begzod’s presentation about “Egon Zehnder”, which was a global executive search company. The questions were more about business. There were a lot of volunteers to ask a question why Generation Y was not stable. One of them Aizhan reasoned it out with changeable time when Generation Y had grown (1990s). That was why; they were adapted to changes. Further, they were ready to challenge themselves by stepping out from their comfort zone. Ruslan answered to the question why it was difficult to achieve long-term success for family owned business. It was interesting to know that according McKinsey’s research more than 80% of companies led by family business owners. Then he gave examples of big family business companies: Walmart, Porsche, Volkswagen and Samsung. Further Ruslan gave the definition of family business. He explained why it was hard to achieve long-term success by the fact that children of those businessmen commonly became spoilt and as a result could not manage the huge company.

Congratulations to Assel and Ruslan who became the best speakers of the meeting!

Zhadra, Aiym and me fulfilled the roles of a Grammarian, an Ah-counter and a Timer correspondingly.

Thank you for a Toastmaster Aliya for a detailed description of every part of the meeting and outlining the importance of every role and giving tips for impromptu speakers! I am sure it was very clear what Toastmasters club is for those who came for the first time. Thank you Begzod for running interesting Table Topics session and everyone for active participation and positive attitude!


Posted on: 01.11.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva

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