Meeting on 21/10/015

We had one more amazing meeting this Wednesday full of positive and inspirational speeches.

The president of our club Tom Bartkoske opened the meeting with his family story that we all come from different places. He outlined the importance of not where we were all from but what we got and contribute into different things. Further he gave a turn to a Toastmaster Ilyas who led the main part of the meeting. Ilyas encouraged everyone to live and act at the current moment to improve ourselves.



The first prepared speaker Assel Duisenbekova presented everyone her project #4 “How to say it” with a title “Minimalism”. She explained the benefits of minimalism and how that can change our lives. She was able to prove that it could save our time and money. Moreover, minimalism could really assist everyone to focus on their priorities and to avoid consumerism trap. So Assel explained  that minimalism was about being more with less.





Next speaker Zhadra delivered her first ice-breaking speech “My way to what I do know”. It was good to hear the plan of her speech at the beginning. Zhadra told the story of her life when she had to take a risk and to step out of her comfort zone by changing the city to study at a high school and choosing her future profession. She shared about the failure that enabled her to determine her current occupation. Zhadra had to quit the university where she had been studying for 2,5 years due to her wrong choice. However, she was able to choose her right path that also let other young people to determine their own future professions.




The following speaker Greg delivered his speech #5 on body  language called “Inspiration within”. He said that people were  all  different and they had different sources of inspiration. It  was  great to hear his personal and sincere story on how he  fought with his fear of public speaking. Greg shared that for  the first time he became an expert of how to avoid speaking  and he did not know how to trick his mind to come out of his  comfort zone. Nevertheless he managed to overcome his fear  and he has become an active member of our club. Greg added  that every meeting at  Toastmasters was his torture session to  confront his demons and that was his inner inspiration. He encouraged everyone to find their own inspiration.



Begzod, Aiym and Tom gave very useful evaluation for prepared speakers outlining their progress, strong points and suggestions for improvement.

IMG-20151025-WA0005-1IMG-20151025-WA0007-1Tom evaluator

The following part of the meeting was conducted by Olya who devoted her speech to Anatoli Bukreev’s life. (2)

He was one of the main characters on Everest movie who was very brave and hard-nosed person in achieving the highest peak in the world. It was interesting to know how people would act if they had high probability of hazard or death and whether they would come back to save another person or a friend risking their own lives. Elmira answered to the question what she would say to a person who was going to climb to the Everest. She said that she had an thrill seeker friend. She would not give any advice but just support those people because they were adults and mature enough to make such decisions. Elmira added that sometimes just a hug or clap on one’s shoulder was enough for a person to feel your support. The winner of a Table topics session Abylay was called to the stage as an adventure seeker to be told about his passion. So he said that adventure was our choice and usually people have adventures to make their lives much more interesting. He added that it was ok to be an adventure seeker and home-sitter as well. He completed his speech with examples of adventures that people may have: reading an interesting book, spending more money than before and going to another street.

Congratulations to Greg and Abylay who became the winners among prepared and impromptu speakers! (6)          (4)

Elmira was an Ah-Counter, Assel Bekbulatova was a Timer and I was a Grammarian. We all tried to give helpful reports on roles we were responsible for.

It is always challenging for me to be a Grammarian because I am not a native speaker. When I choose the word of the day I try to pick up a word with an interesting etymology as it really helps to memorize the word. Additionally it motivates people to use it when it is needed and appropriate. Also it allows us to use words consciously. This time I chose an adjective “hard-nosed”. For those who were not able to come it might be useful to know its origin. Firstly, “hard-nosed” was used in terms of a dog, which has inability to smell. Later in 1920s it was used for a type of a bullet. There are hard-nosed and soft-nosed bullets. The later one is mostly used to describe a bullet, while “hard-nosed” now can also be used to describe someone or something uncompromising, tough and stubborn. For example, hard-nosed criticism, hard-nosed researcher and so on.


As a Grammarian I would like to thank everyone who used the word of the day and as a member of our club to express my gratitude to everyone who organized the meeting, participated actively and added their energy and soul to run this session at a very good level!



Posted on: 25.10.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva