Meeting on 14/10/2015

There was another interesting meeting this Wednesday full of positivity and inspirational speeches for self-development.

The session was opened by the President of our club Tom Bartkoske. He said briefly about Toastmasters club and asked everyone to introduce themselves, where they heard about it and things that they appreciate in Toastmasters. This kind of opening really helps to be familiar with everyone and to shorten the distance between unknown people.  Moreover, it allows to start being comfortable with talking in front of the audience and to reduce the fear of public speaking especially for those who come to our club for the first time.

Furthermore, Tom gave a turn to speak for a Toastmaster Greg Heaver. Greg encouraged everybody to participate actively and not to be scared to come up to the stage.


Speaker #1 Aiym presented her project #5 “Your body speaks” called “Are You Ready to Work?”. She shared main sources that could help you to get different things done. Those sources could even assist you to get motivation in such a boring or annoying stuff for many of us: housework and cooking. Bright examples for that are videos on the Internet, such as “Obsessive compulsive cleaners” and “Master Chief”. Aiym added that some people allow her to get motivation, while books let her to obtain relevant information and knowledge for her work. She fostered everyone to use these sources for inspiration and find other ones to set up their goals and achieve them. Aiym used her body language quite naturally without any unnecessary gestures meeting the main objective of her project.


Speaker #2 Tom delivered his project #7 on researching a topic titled “Life after Death”. Firstly, he shared about the occasion that made him to think about such a question. So that was a movie “Everest”. He said about the outcomes of the scientists who attempted to weigh the soul of a human being. Further, Tom gave examples of people who had NDE (near death experience) by saying about the movie based on true life story “Heaven is for real”.  In addition, he told us his acquaintance’s story who really had that situation. In both cases, they saw themselves soaring above their body and they met other people who already passed away. Tom was able to prove not scientifically but historically that our soul would leave our body and join to our loved ones after life.

Olya evaluated Aiym’s speech pointing out her strong points like good eye contact, confident voice and the absence of any nervousness and shyness. She suggested Aiym to use more gestures on this project as it was devoted to improve body language.

Ilyas gave evaluation on Tom’s speech outlining the good use of supportive materials, vocal variety and speech structure. The recommendation was using the space around him actively.

The following part of the meeting Table Topics Session was delivered by Begzod who presented the biography of a millionaire businessman Jeff Pearce. His actual name was James but later he was renamed by his mother. The reason was his inability to pronounce his own name properly due to dyslexia. Begzod and Yadykar explained that it was different type of mind accompanied by having difficulties in reading and writing.

IMG_9668                                         IMG_9672

It was surprising to know that a lot of famous and successful people had dyslexia. They were Albert Einstein, Mozart, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill and John Lennon. There was a question whether dyslexia was a gift or a problem. Tom replied that it was a problem that brings a gift in a form of challenges. So these difficulties push a person to do, learn and work more than others. Consequently, all of those things can make that person successful further in life as he was adapted to overcome adversity from his young age. Another interesting question was “What triggers people to write autobiography?” Greg made a joke that the reason was people’s desire to make more money and added that the main cause was to inspire other people. The best Table Topics speaker was Ilyas who answered to the question about a lesson that he learned from Jeff’s life. Ilyas noted that it was doing things to attain your goals and completed his speech with Nike’s slogan “Just do it”.


Congratulations to Aiym and Ilyas who became the best speakers of the meeting!

Thank you for all volunteers who helped to run the meeting smoothly: the Club President Tom, a Toastmaster Greg, a Table Topics Master Begzod, a Timer Elmira, an Ah-Counter Meruert and a Grammarian Yadykar. Thanks everyone for coming, participating and adding amazing ideas to make life better!



Posted on: 17.10.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva