Why filler words appear?







Dear Fellow Toastmasters!

I would like to share with you with my own thoughts how and why filler words start.

When you come up to the stage there panic appears. When panic is here you start lose the consciousness of speech. At that exact moment filler word appears.

It may seem that filler words may fulfill pauses. But sometimes pauses are good. For example meaningful pause can attract attention of audience. When you emphasize the main point or the central idea of your message.

On the other hand pause can help to arrange some time for you to think. If you lost your thought thread don’t try to fulfill pause with Ahs or Mmms. Try to remember calmly and in silence.

I want to remind that all of you have already amazing speaking skills so no reason to panic. 

And never afraid of pauses :)



Posted on: 16.10.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva