Meeting on 07/10/2015

We had another fascinating meeting last week. The room was full of guests, new comers and club members.

The president of our club Tom Bartkoske started the session by introducing everyone Meruert who applied to be a member of Toastmasters. She was accepted after voting process. Meruert was very happy to become a part of the big family called Toastmasters and she was warmly welcomed by everyone (more about it here).

The meeting was followed by Toastmaster Begzod who briefly said about the club and encouraged everyone to participate actively.


The first prepared speech was conducted by Meruert. She delivered project #2 titled “Speech as Performance”. The general idea of the speech was the main points that should be noticed in speech preparation. She outlined the importance of speech purpose, the way of delivering it and a target audience. She supported her words with the quotes of famous people like Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy.

Speaker number 2 Gaukhar made her project #3 “Please Be Considerate of Introverts”. She noted that the modern world is mostly designed for extraverts and does not concern about introverts. Gaukhar explained that it was ok to be an introvert and society should accept them as they were rather than converting them into extraverts. She completed her oration by saying that people were different and that was the beauty of communication.

The following speaker Aliya showed the significance of proper breathing on her project #4 called “Just Breathe”. She explained how it could make us happy. Moreover, Aliya said about the contradiction between proper breathing and moments that takes our breath away. She encouraged everyone to think about them when you feel upset or want to smile. Finally, she proved that proper breathing and thinking about moments that take your breath away could help you to live better life.

Our evaluators Olya, Yadykar and Greg gave the prepared speakers constructive, appropriate feedbacks and suggestions for further development.            IMG_9658-1   (1)


The second part of the meeting was continued by Tom who led the Table Topics Session.  It was devoted for the most interesting topic in the world at the moment – Putin & Obama. (4)

There were a lot of interesting questions to compare them in different aspects of life, like who is a better father, who you would be choosing to take a selfie with and why, who knows about the opponent better, etc. The winner of Table Topics Session was Abylay who answered with a joke to the question which  actors should be playing the role of Putin and Obama.

Congratulations to Aliya who became the best prepared speaker and Abylay who was the best impromptu speaker!

IMG_9657-1         (3)

Our Timer Ilyas, Ah-Counter Daulet and a Grammarian Roeeda did a great job by paying attention to everyone’s speech and giving valuable reports at the end of the meeting.


Overall, the meeting was very interesting, the atmospere was friendly and positive!


The full video of the meeting can be found here.


Posted on: 11.10.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva