Meeting on 05/08/2015

We had an interesting meeting this Wednesday. The room was full of guests and club members.

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Ilyas shared the personal story of his life. Yadykar showed everyone traditional peculiarities of Uigur nationality. The winner of the best prepared speech was Assel. She made an impressive speech on how everyone can make contribution to make the world better. Our speech evaluators Gaukhar, Ainar and Sultan gave very specific and valuable feedback to the speakers.




Our Table Topics Master Roeedadid a great job presenting everyone the biography of Malcolm X. She asked very interesting questions making the audience to be deep in thought.

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Most of the guests and members participated actively during the Table Topics session. Gaukhar became the best Table Topics Speaker. She answered well to the question about what she would do if there was a lot of free time. Her response was learning to play the violin on her maternal leave. In Gaukhar’s mind it would be great to play classic music when she has a baby.


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General evaluators of the meeting Ah-Counter – Baurzhan, Timer – Abylay and Grammarian – Daulet Bakhtiyar were very attentive during the meeting and fulfilled their roles appropriately.

Overall, the atmosphere was warm welcoming and friendly!

Meeting’s agenda 
19:30 21:00 “Biographies” Wednesday, August 05, 2015
19:30 19:31 Call meeting to order – Toastmaster (1 min) Aisha Maukembayeva
19:32 19:33 Toastmaster – meeting intro, tip of the day (1 min) Aisha Maukembayeva
19:33 19:35 General Evaluator (1 min)  
19:35 19:38 Ah-counter (2-3 min) Baurzhan Batyrov
Grammarian, the word of the day “eerie” Daulet Bakhtiyar
Timer Abylay Uzbekov
      Prepared Speeches    
19:38 19:43 Speaker 1, Get to the Point Project #3 – “Changes” (3-5 min) Assel Duisenbekova
19:43 19:50 Speaker 2, The Entertaining Speech Project #1 – “Some stories” (3-5 min) Ilyas Batyrov
19:50 19:57 Speaker 3, Get Comfortable with Visual Aids Project #8 “Background” (5-7 min) Yadykar Abdirakhmanova
20:02 20:03 Evaluation Session (2 min)  
20:03 20:06 Speech evaluator for Speaker 1 (2-3 min) Sultan Seytbekov
20:06 20:09 Speech evaluator for Speaker 2 (2-3 min) Gaukhar Zhunussova
20:09 20:12 Speech evaluator for Speaker 3 (2-3 min) Ainar
20:12   20:16 General Evaluator (4-6 min)  
20:18   20:23 Voting for the Best Speech Evaluator    
20:23 20:40 Table Topics Session  “Malcolm X” (20-21 min) Roeeda Khalil
Table Topics master
At least 6 topics
20:40 20:44 Voting for the Best Table Topic Speaker (4 min) Aisha Maukembayeva
20:44 20:54 General reports of Ah-counter, Grammarian and Timer (10 min) Baurzhan Batyrov;      Daulet Bakhtiyar;        Abylay Uzbekov
20:55 20:56 Toastmaster (awards: best TTS, best SE; quick meeting reflection) (1 min) Aisha Maukembayeva
20:56 21:00 Educational awards, announcements, closing comments, adjourn the meeting (Toasmaster) (4 min) Aisha Maukembayeva
Word of the Day:   Eerie (adj)
spooky, creepy or suggestively supernatural:
“She heard the eerie noise of the wind howling through the trees.”
“He had the eerie feeling that he had met this stranger before.”

Posted on: 06.08.2015, by : Shokan Iliyas