Meeting on 29/07/2015

Hello dear friends! We had another great meeting this Wednesday. The Education First’s room on NaurizbayBatyrstreet was crowded by our official members and regular guests.



Roeeda did a great job as the meeting toastmaster. She was supported by Grammarian, Timer and Ah-counter.


Nadezhda and Bekzod inspired the audience with amazing speeches. Nadezhda talked about her life experience.


Bekzod did his9-th project in the toastmasters club. He talked about some negative impacts of academic education system for human creativity. I listened him very intensively so that Iforgotto take a photo of him. Here is a shot of him when he was leaving us after the speech.


The speakers were evaluated by Assel and Greg.



Daulet did a table topic session by putting interesting,nonstandard and fun questions. As a result, the guests were more active.


12 speakers participated in the table topic session. At the end of the session we voted for the best impromptu speaker.

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Posted on: 01.08.2015, by : Shokan Iliyas