Meeting on 11/05/2016

We had very interesting meeting last Wednesday. Our new member Yernur conducted the meeting as a Toastmaster. There were two Ice Breakers and a guest speaker from New York City.

The first Ice Breaker Aziza shared the facts from her life on her speech titled “The Fluke”. She shared her experience on how she found her destiny and passion by fluke, which were perfectly interwoven in her job. It was nice to see Power Point slides illustrating how it looked like. There were a lot of enthusiasm and smile on Aziza’s face when she was telling us about her occupation.Very good start, Aziza!

The following speech was delivered by our dear guest from New York Toastmaster’s club – Dilber Shatursun. The title of her 9th project was “The Attitude of Gratitude”. The key idea of her oration was strengthening the quality of relationships, increasing the level of fulfillment by affirming people, helping them and not complaining. Dilber presented bright examples from her own life experience to demonstrate how these methods could be implemented in practice. Applying all of those things would definitely create the atmosphere of gratitude and increase the quality of our lives.

Another Ice Breaker Yernar told us about his experience studying in the UK and his passion for boxing.  He shared about the moments of proudness that he had there: when a Kazakh boxer Serik Sapiyev beat his opponent in Olympic Games in 2012 and when Yernar obtained his degree from the UK University. He said that we need to act with dignity like an ambassador of our country in any case especially when we were abroad. Yernar gave an excellent example of such kind of person – Gennady Golovkin, who was a humble, confident and professional boxer. The speech was completed by Muhammed Ali’s quote: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, hands can’t hit what eyes can’t see”.

Andrey took a lead for carrying on the meeting as a Table Topics Master presenting the topic called “Our Great World”. Tair answered to the question about the challenge he overcame recently. That was running 42 km at Almaty Marathon. Tair explained that it was important to continue despite the difficulties in pursuing your dreams and goals.

Congratulations to Yernar and Tair who became the best prepared and impromptu speakers respectively. Begzod was announced as the best speech evaluator. Well done, guys!


Posted on: 19.05.2016, by : Aisha Maukembayeva

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