10 Apps for Public Speaking

I really believe that the best way to improve public speaking is to practice speaking as often as you can. Honestly, no app itself will teach you to lose that fear of speaking in front of unknown audience. Remember, most people fear it more than they fear death? However, some apps might be useful.

1. Stress check by Azumio (for Iphone): is a tool to measure the level of emotional and physical stress. You can check your heart rate and depending on the results you can do some nice breathing exercises. Might come in handy if you’ve got that stage fright!

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 2. Prompster (for Android): This app is not free but it promises to be a professional public speaking app that can be used to practice delivering speeches, lectures. It includes a sample speech and tutorial for immediate use.

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3. Quote Book (for Iphone): You have written a great speech and are in a need of a good quote? Try this app. It allows to search and bookmark your favourite quotes, add your own quotes and even send them to your friends by e-mail. (Although, I’m not sure if one needs quotes on a regular basis to bother downloading an app for it). Tell us if you love using quotes 😉

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4. Coursera (for Iphone and Android): not only for public speaking but has to be included! Take free online courses from universities all over the world. Subjects vary from Arts to Data Science and include Introduction to Public Speaking from University of Washington. (In fact, this is where I learnt about Toastmasters, yay!)

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5. Public Speaking Simulator VR (for Android): this app simulates an office setting in which 20 people are staring at you. You can start practicing in a risk-free environment! Awesome opportunity for people who feel nervous, dreadful and even terrified. But if you take public speaking seriously it’s better to learn speaking in front of real people.

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6. Keynote (for Iphone): is a powerful presentation app that makes creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated charts and transitions — as simple as touching and tap.

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7. Public Speaking Superstar (for Android): this app is a collection  of good notes on various public speaking problems. Topics include: First Speech, Developing Confidence, Overcoming Fear, Organizing speech, Visual Aids, Delivering and many more! Very handy! (already downloaded by me, hopefully I will use it during my next speech preparation).

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8. JotBook (for Ipad): an an app that allows you to display an iPad Whiteboard on an external monitor or video out device. The iPad’s larger screen may be big enough for a small room with a small audience, but if you’re lecturing or teaching to a larger group, you’ll need the capability of displaying the whiteboard notes on a larger screen. When you’re finished with your presentation, you can email your notes to your audience.

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9. Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking (for Android): this app can help us to overcome the fear of the elevator pitch. There’s a report giving tips and advice on how to start taming your fear and master your nerves. Also you’ll find two audio exercises and a video  that you might find helpful.

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10. Goodreads (for Iphone and Android): okay, I have to include this one. This app is not about public speaking but I truly believe that in order to speak well one should read more. You can track books you read, network with other readers (you can see what other people are reading, maybe even about public speaking).


Tell us what apps for public speaking you love, if you tried any!



Posted on: 10.05.2016, by : Gaukhar Zhunussova

4 thoughts on “10 Apps for Public Speaking

  1. App for apple users: bookmate. There is plenty of books in English, Russian and other languages. And all books for free. Enjoy)

    1. Hi Assel! Yes, Bookmate is another great one! Available for Android too. Although they seem to have some issues with rights on books. I subscribed to the service, found the books I liked, however, they were no longer available.
      But yeah, if you find the books you like, it’s super convenient.

  2. What an excellent list, Gaukhar! I like that it goes beyond just public speaking apps. Many thanks for all your hard work and research on this. We appreciate it as members! Hope everyone outside our Club – would find it useful as well. Great job!

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