Meeting on 04/05/2016

On May 4 we had an extra special meeting. Our Club was visited by the Fellow Toastmaster from New York, Dilber! Along with bringing greetings from her club Flushing Toastmasters she was kind enough to be our General Evaluator.


Prepared Speeches 

We had 3 speakers that night. Saltanat Kali gave an Ice-Breakers speech. She told us about her journey to find her purpose in life: starting new business, finally doing what she loves doing and not what the society expects her to do. We got to know Saltanat more, and we look forward to hearing more speeches.

Our second speaker, Andrey Reshetnikov, made his speech no. 6 titled ‘Refugee Crisis’. He touched on so many important issues in today’s society: shielding oneself from tragic news with a ‘positivity umbrella’, how life often depends upon pure luck (where you happen to be born and live, who you are) and others. Andrey walked us through an emotional journey when he spoke of refugees’ destiny. Thank you!

Our third speaker, Yernur Satybaldiyev, made an advanced speech from ‘Speaking to Inform’ manual. He dedicated his speech to Taraz, his hometown. Yernur told us 3 beautiful legends from the past and 3 beautiful legends from our time. A great speech, and a great reminder that all we need is love! (and greatness, and dignity!). Make sure you check out the speech.

Both Andrey’s and Yernur’s evaluators, Yermurat and Yadykar became our Best Evaluators! A tie is a rare occasion, so congratulations to you both. Well done!

Table Topics

Our Table Topics Master was Zhansaya Edilkhan who chose to speak about daily habits of successful people. Many people shared their favourite habits like waking up early, singing in the car, using apps to study foreign languages regularly. Here’s the one I love: ‘the one-minute-rule’ – if something can be done in 1 minute, it should be done without any delay (I know what you might be thinking, that muffin can be eaten in 1 minute 😉  but that’s not quiet something that rule had in mind).

Our Best Table Topics was our guest Aizhan who shared her experience on using mobile apps to develop habits. Congratulations!


Our team of evaluators (Arailym, Aigerim and Yerkebulan as Ah-counter, Grammarian and Timer respectively) did a great job at helping speakers improve. Thanks to our General evaluator, Dilber, who gave amazing feedback to all speakers, to Leadership team, on how organize meetings better.

Thanks to everyone who comes every week and we will see you soon!



Posted on: 08.05.2016, by : Gaukhar Zhunussova

2 thoughts on “Meeting on 04/05/2016

  1. Excellent update on the meeting. It would be great to add short testimony of a visitor on their impression of our club and meeting.

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