Almaty Toastmasters Spotlight Series: Daulet Mukanov

Almaty Toastmasters Club – Member Spotlight Series will be featuring all the current members of the Club. Stay tuned to learn more about our fellow Toastmasters, why joined the Club, what they like about it and what is their life like outside of the Club activities!

Today’s “spotlight” features Daulet Mukanov, the founding member and recently appointed Sergeant of Arms of Toastmasters Club in Almaty, Kazakhstan, which was established in December 2013. We are delighted to present this interview.

1.      What is your happiest childhood memory?

When I first went abroad to Saint Petersburg, Russia at the age of 10

2.      When did you join Toastmasters? What made you join?

I joined in 2013. I wanted to maintain and improve my English level, presentation skills and meeting new people

3.      Life outside Toastmasters or what do you do for a living?

I am an engineer geologist

4.      How do you use communication skills in your daily life?

It helps my interpersonal skills and being able to present in front of the public

5.      What do you like best about our Club?

Friendly atmosphere,  structure and decent English

6.      What have you learnt since you joined? Do you feel that you had grown as a communicator or a leader since you joined Toastmasters?

I think that it has definitely helped to my personal growth as a communicator. Even though there is still a room to improvement

7.      What are your personal hobbies and interests?

I like going to the gym, reading books in various fields and mountain hiking.

8.      Can you share random or surprising facts from you biography?

I have 25% of tatar blood in me. When I was a kid I liked watching soap operas

9.      If you could have a lunch with anyone, who would that person be and why?

I think meeting with Kanysh Satpayev would be a good idea for me

10.  What is the most important thing you would tell your friends and family about Toastmasters?

If you will be diligent enough Toastmasters will surely help you to grow up as a person

Daulet is the current Sergeant of Arms at Almaty Toastmasters Club. He has been a very active member of the Club, helping previous Leadership team from the time of the Club foundation. He was organizing many hiking trips for Toastmasters community in Almaty, and our official members, guests and friends have all appreciated his excellent hiking route guidance.

Thank you for this interview, Daulet! Your teammates and Club members appreciate your calm personality and commitment to our Club and we rely on you for more hiking trips in the future. Good luck with your new Leadership Team role!



Posted on: 28.04.2016, by : Aliya Shaikhina

One thought on “Almaty Toastmasters Spotlight Series: Daulet Mukanov

  1. Daulet, we are proud to have you as one of our founding members and someone who is always willing to step in and help out. Please tell us which soap operas you used to watch:)

    Aliya, thanks for putting these profiles together. I look forward to learning more about other members as well.

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