Meeting on 13/04/2016

Hello everyone! Here is the report on our last meeting on April, 13. As always it was a great session: interesting speeches, many first-comers and a nice social hangout afterwards!


Prepared speeches

Our first prepared speaker was Ruslan Zelentsov, who gave his Ice-Breaking speech called “Change and Growth”. Ruslan told us an inspiring story how to change everything, move to another country, meet your love there (most importantly!) and come back. His story reminded me of a great movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Thank you, Ruslan! We look forward to hearing your next speeches.

Arailym B13023253_765807000185682_161978743_nainogayeva, our member, gave her speech on Project no.2 “Criticism”. How one should deal with criticising, how to give constructive feedback and how to benefit from it are all important questions, which Arailym covers in her speech. She also introduced an interesting approach to giving feedback called HL method (H for honesty, L for love). Definitely a tip for our evaluators! Check out Arailym’s speech here.

Yermurat Nurgozha, a soon-to-be a member, gave his Advanced Ice-Breaking speech. Has a random person ever affected your life so much? Do you think your hobbies can help you get a job? Yermurat says yes!

Our last prepared speaker was Greg Heaver who delivered a speech “Confessions of a Kazakh Taxi Driver”. What an intriguing name! His speech was for Project no.8, where he used visual aids to tell us what average taxi drivers in Kazakhstan know about Australia. Prepare to be surprised, maybe you didn’t know much about Australia either. 😉 Test your knowledge here! A great entertaining yet informative speech! Greg became the Best Prepared Speaker of the week! Congratulations!

Table Topics

Our Table Topics Master was Yernur Satybaldiyev who chose ‘Vacations’ as a theme for impromptu speakers. This gave us an opportunity to reminisce about our trips, interesting travels. Our speakers remember their best trips, their worst trips, and even the weirdest food they have tried during vacations. Ilyas, our regular member, and Sergeant-at-Arms spoke about how he’s always wanted to see a whale, and that stole our audiences’ hearts. He became the Best Table Topics speaker! Congratulations, Ilyas!


Thanks to everyone who took roles. Our evaluators: Andrey, Zhadra, Gaukhar and Daulet. Special thanks to our team (Ah-Counter, Timer and Grammarian) Madiyar, Zhansaya and Yadykar who did a great job at fulfilling their roles!

Here are some pictures from our traditional social hangout after the meeting. Hope you and your friends will join us very soon!

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Posted on: 20.04.2016, by : Gaukhar Zhunussova

3 thoughts on “Meeting on 13/04/2016

  1. Thanks for posting interesting and detailed notes of the meeting. It was helpful to remind me of the content of the speakers. I take away some important lessons for myself from each speaker.

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