Meeting on 30/03/2016

Spring has finally arrived to Almaty and we hosted another great meeting! As pointed out by the Toastmaster of the week, Greg Heaver, Toastmasters worldwide is a brand, centre of excellence, and it attracts many interesting people. However, it is the warm atmosphere of the clubs that makes people want to stay and be members of the community.


The Club President, Tom Bartkoske, welcomes new members

One of the examples of that would be Yernur Satybaldiyev and Arailym Bainogayeva becoming official members of the club. Both Yernur and Arailym were active during our meetings and Club’s social events. Welcome to the Almaty Toastmasters!

Prepared speeches

Sandu Baidosheva gave her Ice-breaking speech and we learnt ‘3 things about Sandu’ (well, at least 3). Her story was very inspirational as she once decided to change her life dramatically and move to another city. A great example of what a person can achieve if she is driven by her dreams and passion. Thank you, Sandu! We look forward to hearing more speeches from you.

Makpal Toleubayeva also gave an Ice-breaking speech. She suprised as all when she started to tell us about her career path. Who of you, dear readers, ever dreamt of becoming a seller in a chocolate store? (Not me, I wanted to be an astronomer/beekeeper). Next stop: dentist. The sequence of desires had a prosaic ending: she became an accountant and she loves it.

Speaker no.3 was Tom Bartkoske who gave his 10 speech from Competent Communicator manual. Congratulations! His speech ‘I Have a Dream’ was truly in line with the Toastmasters spirit. Tom has a dream that one day…No, it would be better if you watched this speech here :)


Tom delivering his project no.10 from CC manual

Table Topics session

This week Table Topics session led by Begzod Hakimov was about Sir Ken Robinson. He is famous for his Ted Talk about modern education system killing creativity. You can check it out here.

However our schools did not kill creativity of our impromptu speakers. Daulet, Tom, Aliya, Sandu and other members and guests gave interesting speeches when answering to the following questions:

What is education to you?

Every child is born an artist but as the child grows very often he/she loses the artistictic nature. Agree or disagree?

Some disciplines like Music or Arts are neglected in modern education. What do you think about that?

Please share your thoughts on this topic in the comments.

IMG_0160 IMG_0154

Table Topics speaker, Daulet, and Table Topics Master, Begzod

The Best Prepared speaker was Tom Bartkoske, the Club President. The Best evaluator was Aisha Maukembayeva, our regular member and blogger of the Club, and the Best Table Topics speaker was Aliya Shaikhina, VP PR of the Club. Well done!


Best speakers and Best Evaluator

General evaluation and conclusion

Thank you, Aliya, our general evaluator, and her team Zhadra, Gaukhar and Yernur who took roles of Ah-Counter, Timer and Grammarian respectively.

We will see you on April, 13.



Posted on: 13.04.2016, by : Gaukhar Zhunussova

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