Meeting on 16/03/2016

Dear fellow Toastmasters and readers! We had another exciting meeting led by our regular member, Andrey, the Toastmaster of the evening! We were glad to have many guests and our dear Club President, Tom Bartkoske, is finally back in Almaty from his travel. He visited a Toastmasters club abroad and even brought their greetings along. Stay tuned to find out more!

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Our fellow members and guests

Prepared speeches

We had two Ice-Breaker speeches given by two beautiful Zhansayas’.
 Zhansaya Edilkhan and Zhansaya Toktarova from left to right respectively


Zhansaya Edilkhan spoke about the differences in educational systems of Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom. She shared  interesting facts about her experience at university as well as the life in England in general. If you consider studying there, check out her speech as it is definitely helpful.
Zhansaya Toktarova was also speaking about her about  academic and career path. She spoke about working versus doing PhD abroad, a tough decision to be made! Zhansaya also encouraged us not to have any fears of making mistakes. Great speech! We look forward to hearing more speeches from both speakers!
Assel Bekbolatova is delivering her project 2

Our third prepared speaker was Assel Bekbolatova who did her project 2 “Organize your speech”. Assel made a speech about our musical tastes, what determines them and how they evolve over time. It was funny and very touching at the same time. As she was listing some of the tracks on her Ipod, I rediscovered my love for U2 song “With or without you”. Fantastic speech, Assel! Best prepared speaker award well-deserved!

Preparing and delivering a speech is challenging but evaluating it is a lot of work too. Diligent evaluation was made by our experienced speakers and evaluators Aisha, Daulet and Yermurat! Thank you for taking the task seriously and congratulations to Yermurat, our Best evaluator for this week.

Table topics session

Table Topics was themed around the Great Wall of China! Tom visited Tianjin Toastmasters club no 1. We were very happy to watch the video salutation made by our fellow Toastmasters from China! Tom returned very excited about the trip, shared some  pictures and of course came up with brilliant questions for our impromptu speakers. First of all, would you want the Great Wall of our own? I certainly would, we could have our very own Wall Street (or Great Wall Street!) Sorry, New York, we love you but we love Almaty more! =) Also we learnt a traditional Chinese character for the word ‘To listen’. When we look at separate parts of the symbol we can understand better what’s involved when you are fully engaged in listening.
The traditional Chinese character for ‘Listening’ and Kuralay giving an impromptu speech.


Again, we had amazing speakers, our regular members and our dear guests, Kuralay, Yernar, Dauren. This week I became the Best Table Topics speaker (counting votes does pay off! =) joking, we don’t mess with the votes). Thanks to everyone who spoke. It takes courage to come up with a speech without any preparation and we encourage you to use Table Topics as an opportunity to practice.
Best prepared speaker, Assel, Best evaluator, Yermurat, and Best Table Topics speaker, Gaukhar


General evaluation and conclusion

Thank you, Ilyas, our general evaluator, and his team Zarina, Gulnisa and Olya who took roles of Ah-Counter, Timer and Grammarian respectively. Special thanks to Greg who uploaded the meeting video on Youtube!
Gulnisa (our regular guest and Timer of the meeting):  What I liked about the meeting is the friendly atmosphere and good persuasive speech topics.
 Arailym (our regular guest, soon-to-be member): Toastmasters meetings are always unique. This meeting was especially unique because our Club President, Tom, arrived from China. He prepared a great Table Topics session with greetings from another Toastmasters club from China, amazing photos of the Great Wall and of course interesting questions. I’m happy that it’s a world-wide community and we all help each other to step out of our comfort zone.
 Our regular guests Gulnisa (Timer of the meeting) and Arailym  (from left to right respectively) are sharing their thoughts on the meeting


Hope everyone enjoyed holidays! Don’t forget to join our club’s social events (announced in the social media, sent by e-mail)! See you all on March, 30th.

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