Meeting on 02/12/2015

DSC01231Last Wednesday we had a wonderful meeting. There were talks about different topics, like education, lessons learned during some life period, a soul, family, career, betray and forgiveness. It was great to know other people’s opinions, their life experiences and pieces of advice on life and self-improvement.

The meeting was opened by the president of our club Tom Bartkoske. He gave everyone the opportunity to introduce themselves at the beginning of the session, which was followed by the prepared speeches.


DSC01204I delivered my project #4 titled “Vessel”. The main idea of my speech was to let people think about what they fill their souls with. Many people care about their appearance, health and hygiene, but they usually do not care about their soul conditions sometimes filling it with not pleasant confirmations and emotions. This is why I found it useful to raise the topic of soul care. In my view, exactly a soul defines a lot of things: whether we are happy or unhappy, feel hurt or depressed, love or hate. I drew analogies between a soul and a vessel, and between mind and a filter or a channel. Firstly, I offered to achieve mindfulness in order to refresh your mind. After that to filter thoroughly what to pass in your soul. That is also called emotional or mental hygiene. As for me, the following parable really helps to keep the mental hygiene and personally for me to concentrate on things that really matter. It is about an old Indian who revealed one life truth to his grandson. He said: “There is an inner fight in everyone. It is very similar to the fight of two wolves. One wolf represents evil: envy, jealousy, egoism, judgement, lie, etc. Another one represents good – peace, love, hope, kindness, fidelity and so on. The story touched the grandson’s heart so deeply that he became thoughtful. After some time he asked: “So which wolf wins?” An old Indian smiled and replied him: “The one you feed!”Knowing this truth might really help managing your life. We direct our energy towards where we keep our focus on. It is everyone’s own choice what they would fill their vessels with and the vessels of their beloved ones. also presented project #4 with a title “Education First”. He talked about the stumbling blocks and vicious circles in education. He raised the issues related to discriminations and racism, which led the increase of crime level. Andrey conveyed really thorough research on this topic and gave a lot of examples from real life. Further he supported his findings with statistics. He compared the problems of education in Kazakhstan and the USA. Also he mentioned about the scarcity of funds investing to the education by the government. In conclusion, Andrey said that he raised his eyebrow when he heard Condoleeza Rice’s saying that she was able to see the high level of education of our nation. Education really defines a lot of things in our lives. Thank you Andrey for making such a detailed presentation about the problems in education. The issues you said should really be solved. So that would definitely increase the quality of our lives.

DSC01223Aiym presented her project #6 on vocal variety called ”Things I Learned in 22 Years”. There were a lot of useful lessons to learn from her speech. The most memorable ones were: “family is first and nothing can be compared with it”; “forgiveness is the road to happiness”; “the only person to whom you should prove is yourself”; “nothing lasts forever”, “appreciate the current moment”, “there is no bad experience”, “we attract what we think” and so on. Aiym added her creativity by singing a song of Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are” when she said about uniqueness of every person. Also she sang Eminem’s song when she suggested not losing your chance. The last thing she said was that there were a lot of things left to learn for her. It is always wonderful to hear your singing Aiym. When you add songs to your speeches it made them vivid, colourful and memorable.

Yadykar, Gaukhar Zhunussova and Greg evaluated prepared speeches. Their feedbacks were very relevant and supportive. They said about strong and weak points of every speaker in a most encouraging way. It is very important to have a constructive and appropriate evaluation. That really helps speakers to develop further. Thanks Yadykar, Gaukhar and Greg for fulfilling your roles responsibly and thoroughly.

DSC01233Table Topics Session was led by Gaukhar Axakalova. It was dedicated to the biography of Donald Trump. He is a billionaire, entrepreneur, businessman, investor and writer. Also he is the candidate to the president of the USA in 2016. The first question was whether you agree or not with the following Trump’s statement: “There are too many ways to make career. The best way is to be born in the right place and right family”. According to Zhansaya’s opinion it did not matter in which family you were born. The most important thing was when parents gave the opportunity to their children to express themselves. Dauren answered to the question on what inspired him in hard times. The best quote that motivated him was his father’s saying: “It could be worth. I am alive. So I can beat my problems”. Aray answered to the same question with Gandhi’s expression: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Her suggestion was to do what you want and like despite others opinions. There were a lot of volunteers who answered to the question: “Would you give a second chance to a person who betrayed you”. Many people replied that it all depended on a person. Everyone could change. So if that person felt sorry about it sincerely and really want to correct his mistakes, then the second chance should be given, because everybody made mistakes. Gaukhar completed her presentation with a quote: “World is like a big mirror reflecting all our thoughts and actions”.

IMG-20151203-WA0002The voting process and the result were different this time. We also voted for the best evaluator. This idea was brilliant, because evaluators play one of the important roles in Toastmasters. Giving a comprehensive analysis of any speech, noticing all worthy and weak points of speakers and motivating them to work on their imperfections are challenging and not easy. So evaluators really deserve the approvement. Congratulations to Aiym and Greg who became the best prepared speaker and evaluator! The opinions of people were different on the best table topics speaker.

Thank you Zhadra, Zhanar and Meruert for fulfilling the roles of an Ah-Counter, a Grammarian and a Timer. I would like to thank Tom for leading the meeting and Gaukhar Axakalova for being a Table Topic Master. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Some of them were similar to mine, whereas others vice versa. Everyone is different. This diversity makes our lives brighter and better. Every our meeting contains something to learn and grow. What really connects all of us is the willingness to make our lives and community happier and much better!

Thanks Greg and Tom for capturing interesting moments and providing the video of the meeting.


Posted on: 07.12.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva

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