Meeting on 25/11/2015

DSC01060We had wonderful and amazing meeting last Wednesday. Many speakers were distinguished with their creativity, artistry and enthusiasm. This post is more detailed than previous ones, because there were a lot of worthwhile moments to learn and discover that might broaden your outlook.

Begzod led the meeting as a Toastmaster. He gave everybody a chance to introduce themselves and to say where they heard about Toastmasters.



DSC01066First prepared speaker Greg delivered project #6 on vocal variety with a title “We Are Different”. He opened his speech with addressing to the whole mankind, which grasped the attention of the audience immediately. He mentioned how our race has evolved from the beginning, but despite that there were some things which we did not do well. One of them was marriage. He defined it as the building block of our future. In his opinion the main reason of why we still made mistakes on that was the difference between men and women. Greg said that they were simply engineered differently. He described typical features of an Australian and an Italian men showing their swings and roundabouts. Greg pointed out that every man had some errors which compete with the interests of their wives, families and relationships. He encouraged moving on despite that fact. Greg reasoned it out by saying: “Marriage is worth making every effort no matter how many attempts you have to make, because when you get it right, when it works, it is better than anything in the world”.

DSC01078Second prepared speaker Yadykar presented her project #10 on inspiring the audience titled “Fear Teacher Diamond”. She asked everyone to close their eyes and to imagine a newborn baby. When we opened our eyes Yadykar showed white paper comparing it with a toddler. She said that exactly parents write on that paper showing what was right for a kid sculpturing a human being. Additionally Yadykar explained that a baby learned a sense of fear during the first years. Parents tought them a sense of fear in order to prevent grave consequences. Further Yadykar gave her own example by saying that teaching let her to overcome the fear of public speaking. She explained that her work allowed her to realise that everyone was unique, everyone was a diamond. It was nice to hear when Yadykar asked us to repeat: “I am a diamond!” during her presentation. She suggested repeating that every morning. Then Yadykar sang inspirational and motivational little song with Begzod dedicated for the anniversary of our club. In conclusion, she motivated us to keep coming to our club, combatting any fear we had, not just public speaking and to become a diamond in our own way.

TDSC01087his time I evaluated Greg’s speech. My task was to assess the effective use of vocal variety in order to convey the main message. As we go further in doing different projects it gets more sophisticated and interesting at the same time. So I paid my attention to so many different aspects of Greg’s voice, like volume, pitch, rate, quality, pauses and expressiveness. He did well on all of them. It was great to hear some humour in his speech when he pretended to speak with an Italian accent. Greg met the objective of the project showing wide range of emotions from excitement to thoughtfulness and he used his voice efficiently. Daulet evaluated Yadykar’s project. He said about the strong points of her speech and indicated some aspects for further development. Thank you Daulet for your positive and encouraging feedback.

DSC01089This time Table Topics Session was led by two speakers Aliya and Olya who were inspired by John Gray’s seminar. As you know he is the author of the bestseller “Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus”. The session was devoted for the most interesting topic for many of us – relationships between men and women. Olya asked the first question on how you realise that a person was your Mr or Mrs Right. Before knowing someone’s opinion she gave an example on how people in Korean society choose their life partners. Before going to get married they usually get drunk to see the real personalities of each other. During the explanation both Aliya and Olya played the roles of that couple. Also they were dressed appropriately showing that Aliya was a woman and Olya was a man.

At the next part of the session they gave 30 seconds to the audience to describe their ideal partners. Smart, clever, ambitious, intelligent, handsome, funny, creative, strong, brave, childish, rich were the main features that ladies wanted to see in their life partners. Adil volunteered to ask this question. He said that this discussion looked like Market Economy. In his view we had a lot of requirements, but did not think about what we could offer to our partners in exchange. Adil added the popular saying: “Behind every great man there is a great woman”. Then he outlined  the main feature of his partner – gratefulness. He supported his opinion by saying that a man sacrificed a lot of thing aspiring to achieve his own and his woman’s dreams. That was why; being grateful was the main feature that he was looking for in his Mrs Right.

Consequently Aliya and Olya invited Zhanar and Greg to the stage to play the roles of a wife and a husband. The wife came home late. She was frustrated, upset and started complaining about her day. In contrast, her husband was in a good mood and reading a newspaper. Greg played the role of an Italian husband who was watching TV, while Zhanar was an Italian wife. It was funny to look at them. Greg were speaking with an Italian accent, asking where his pasta was and calling his mama. They played the typical situation that happened between a husband and a wife. After that Table Topics Masters gave a suggestion that if a man listened to his woman without getting frustrated and nervous, that would be a gift for her. The more she could express herself the more she felt understood. So she would give more love, trust, acceptance, admiration, appreciation and encouragement, that he needed. After that Aliya and Olya played the same roles and showed how it should be according to Mr Gray’s opinion. In this case a husband gave a chance to his wife to express her emotions. Then her tone became lower and lower. Further, the wife told him that while she was stuck in a traffic jam she worried that she would not be able to come earlier to cook a dinner for him. Surprisingly the husband already cooked a dinner for both of them. Olya and Aliya concluded their preformance by saying that men were motivated when they were needed, whereas women were motivated when they cherish.

DSC01190At the final part of the Table Topics session the pictures of a happy lady, an angry girl, a woman listening to music, a punk girl and a rock girl were given for gentlemen as options for making a choice among them. It was tempting for them to choose several ones. The images of a smart guy, a biker boy, an angry guy and an achiever were the options for ladies. Gaukhar chose a nerdy guy. She added some funny moments to her speech. Gaukhar gave a reason of her choice by saying that he looked intellectual and he had nice prospect in the future. She imagined that he was a hardworking person and he would become a professor one day. So she would be happy if her husband would become a professor. Aliya and Olya completed their performance by the proverb: “Do not judge a book by its cover” and said that any person can be angry, sad or happy. They wished good luck in a search for a compatible life partner for those who still single. For those who already found their Mr or Mrs Right they suggested to be patient and grateful.

Congratulations to Yadykar who became the best prepared speaker, and to Adil and Gaukhar who were chosen as the best Table Topics Speakers! Well done guys!

Thanks to Andrey and Gaukhar and Aiym for fulfilling the roles of an Ah-Counter, a Grammarian and a Timer. It was great to hear beautiful phrases, proverbs and metaphors, which Gaukhar outlined from the speakers’ speeches. It really allowed us to remember those phrases and enrich our vocabulary.

Thank you Begzod for leading a fascinating session! Thanks Yadykar and Greg for consummate speeches!  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Aliya and Olya for such a brilliant Table Topics session. I learned a lot during this meeting and had a lot of fun at the same time. Thanks everyone for their active participation, positive energy and amusing speeches!


Thanks to Greg for kindly providing the photos and a video of the meeting.


Posted on: 29.11.2015, by : Aisha Maukembayeva

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