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Being an excellent presenter is by far one of the best advantages a person can possess. The training focuses on effective use of voice, eye contact, gestures, timing, handling nerves and using visual aids to add to your presentation.


Leadership skills can help position you as the expert in any field. Toastmasters take on challenges, make things happen and get things done. The Toastmasters program has a parallel track to the communication path which will provide specific training applicable to advancing your career, especially if management is a goal of yours.


Toastmasters are a supportive group. They will make an effort to help each other because they all have something in common. In most cities, there are a lot of clubs, so the opportunities are vast.


Meeting on 17/08/2016

Quite a wide range of subjects were arisen during our meeting held on August 17. If you just look at the picture you might wonder how Tom could be afraid of Ilyas. The answer is hidden in a video where Tom conveyed his speech. Greg led the meeting as a Toastmaster and Zhadra fulfilled the […]

Greg is an avid follower of Australian Football. This photo was taken at the Kangaroo Bar in Almaty in 2014 on the day of the Grand Final. His team Hawthorn won of course.

Almaty Toastmasters Spotlight Series: Greg Heaver

Almaty Toastmasters Club – Member Spotlight Series will be featuring all the current members of the Club. Stay tuned to learn more about our fellow Toastmasters, why joined the Club, what they like about it and what is their life like outside of the Club activities! Today’s “spotlight” features Greg Heaver, the founding member, Treasurer and recently appointed […]


Meeting on 15/06/2016

Hello, dear fellow Toastmasters and readers! It’s been a while since we have written a blog! If you have been following us and our events, you may know why 😉 We will keep you updated soon! We had another great meeting on June 15. Yernur Satybaldiyev was the Toastmaster that day. Also, we were thrilled […]


Meeting on 08/06/2016

I was very glad to see everyone on the 8th of June as a Toastmaster. My decision was to dedicate that meeting for summer time. As you know Children’s day is celebrated on its first day. Maybe because summer time is usually associated with holiday, when people want to relax, some of them tend to […]

Meeting on 01/06/2016

June 1st is not only the first day of summer and International Children’s Day, it is also the day of our regular meeting in Almaty Toastmasters Club! This time it was led by our Toastmaster, Aiym Nurseitova! Read more to find out how the meeting went. Our Table Topics Master, Meruyert and a speaker, Yerkebulan […]


Meeting on 25/05/2016

We had a memorable meeting on the 25th of May. Yernar Kossamanov joined to our club as an official member. There were four prepared speakers delivering different projects: an Ice Breaker, a soon-to-be Competent Communicator and two other prepared speakers. Each speech was unique. All of them brought their own piece of wisdom and food […]

Meeting on 18/05/2016

Another great meeting happened on May 18. Andrey Reshetnikov, our old member, was the Toastmaster of the day. Read to find out more! After-meeting get-together with our members and guests Prepared speeches Our first speaker was Damir Naurozbayev with his very first speech ‘Air Age’ in Almaty Toastmasters Club. Damir managed to ‘break the ice’ with the […]

Meeting on 11/05/2016

We had very interesting meeting last Wednesday. Our new member Yernur conducted the meeting as a Toastmaster. There were two Ice Breakers and a guest speaker from New York City. The first Ice Breaker Aziza shared the facts from her life on her speech titled “The Fluke”. She shared her experience on how she found […]

Almaty Toastmasters Club Highlights: January-June 2016

News Digest for January-June 2016 Here is a quick overview of some of the highlights on what’s happening beyond our regular weekly meetings within this past half-a-year at Almaty Toastmasters Club – dedicated to those of you, who don’t want to miss our news! Christmas dinner on December 30, 2015: our year kicked off with an amazing hosted by our […]

Almaty Toastmasters Spotlight Series: Begzod Hakimov

Almaty Toastmasters Club – Member Spotlight Series will be featuring all the current members of the Club. Stay tuned to learn more about our fellow Toastmasters, why joined the Club, what they like about it and what is their life like outside of the Club activities! Today’s “spotlight” features Begzod Hakimov, the founding member and Vice President of […]

10 Apps for Public Speaking

I really believe that the best way to improve public speaking is to practice speaking as often as you can. Honestly, no app itself will teach you to lose that fear of speaking in front of unknown audience. Remember, most people fear it more than they fear death? However, some apps might be useful. 1. […]

Meeting on 04/05/2016

On May 4 we had an extra special meeting. Our Club was visited by the Fellow Toastmaster from New York, Dilber! Along with bringing greetings from her club Flushing Toastmasters she was kind enough to be our General Evaluator.    Prepared Speeches  We had 3 speakers that night. Saltanat Kali gave an Ice-Breakers speech. She told […]

Meeting on 27/04/2016

Wednesday 19:30? Another Almaty Toastmasters Club meeting! Here are some highlights of the day! Our evaluator, Greg, Toastmaster of the Day, Begzod, and Table Topics speaker, Ilyas Prepared Speeches We had only 1 (but awesome!) prepared speaker, Yadykar Abdirakhmanova. She had already completed her Competent Communication manual, and this speech was her first Advanced Project. She […]

How To Be A Great Toastmaster! Almaty Toastmasters Club – Business Meeting for Members

On April 6, 2016 – our Leadership Team hosted a Business Meeting for the official members of Almaty Toastmasters Club! The members of Leadership Team (their term ending on July 1, 2016) made presentations about Almaty Toastmasters Club that included the information on how  to be a great and efficient Toastmaster! We covered topics such as the […]

Bike-n-beer on Sunday, May 8, 2016 with Toastmasters Club in Almaty & meet a Toastmaster from New York

 Dear Fellow Toastmasters and Friends! ‘Tis the season for bike-n-beer!! If you are interested in biking up Terrenkur with us, we are meeting at “Extreme” bike rent shop at Satpaev St, corner Nauryzbay batyr St. “Biking”  contact: Zhadra +7 707 675 0099. Then, come join us at 4 PM for drinks you like (coffee, tea etc […]